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Heaven and hell altogether in Bigg Boss Sath Sath

Gauhar as captain of the house :
Bigg Boss announced Gauhar to be the captain of the house after getting all the votes from hell side. Heaven was not the part of this voting process.  

Shaitan and Farishtey task in Bigg Boss on 30th day :
 Bigg Boss announced Shaitan and Farishtey task for the contestants. According to this task devils have to capture the heaven parts like Garden area, Sleeping area, Kitchen and other areas of house and heaven mates need to protect them from devils.In this task devils have to replace the silver medals with their black medals placed in different areas of heaven.BB also asked heaven mates to behave like angels and also they all have to protect their medals placed in heaven respective places from devils. In this task Kushal went to garden area to cover it by placing the black medal forcefully and started fighting with heaven mates. Gauhar as being the captain of the house stopped him not doing this but Kushal was not ready to even listen to her then Gauhar disqualified Kushal for 2 hours for behaving like that. After then Apurva gets hit by heaven mates and Shilpa gets angry over this. After that Asif also get injured on his arm in this task and Tanisha also hit by heavy material incidentally but escaped. At the end, hell mates managed to get all the heaven places covered by their own shields and Bigg Boss announced them the winner of the task. Heaven mates get their bed on garden area as all the places are covered by hell mates.
On the next day, after getting permission for working in Kitchen only two people were allowed to work in Kitchen. Kamya was getting ready the breakfast for all housemates. Gauhar gives Elli dry parantha after getting this Elli went into the kitchen to get some oil or butter the Gauhar said she is not allowed to enter in Kitchen area. After this, Elli started crying then Tanisha asked Gauhar to give her some butter. Kamya also get angry. Tanisha also complained for pratysha as she was using the garden area without any permission and started blaming on Gauhar for  doing partiality. Gauhar started crying as she was suffering from fever and still was working to get them food. Kushal and other inmates asked her to do some rest.
In evening, Bigg Boss asked housemates to use katghara for their complaints. Tanisha blamed on captain for doing partiality. All other inmates stand with Gauhar and prove her decisions right as being a captain of the house.
Asif also complained for all hell mates for torturing him by applying shampoos, shaving cream and all dirty stuff like by making him smell by socks & underwear that was the funny part, all the housemates get laughed over it .he also said that Sangram lifted him up and he did n’t even touched him as being an angel at that time.

New Twist in Bigg Boss 7 :
The new twist in Bigg Boss has to come around, now all the contestants from heaven and hell will stay together in house. All the hell mates will get the place in heaven. Now have to see how this twist will work for all the housemates. Will they get much problem as now there is only one bathroom for all 12 contestants at that place and also there is lack of sleeping area? So it will be interesting to watch the show Bigg Boss Sath Sath.


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